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Tin bread and soft bread line

2 different lines for Tin Bread and Soft Bread production

FTM Line


FTM oven

The FTM oven is the first oven equipped with the "Bottom Bake Booster" BBB™ system, baking the product trough a heating process which applies a different heating source for top and bottom of the product. The bread bottom is baked through convection, the sides are baked with radiant heat. Designed to allow hearth-baking as well as baking on trays, it produces fully baked, par-baked, fresh and frozen products.

The "BBB™" Bottom Bake Booster system uses a circuit of controlled air convection which is limited to the product bottom, up to a height of 1/2 inch (1,5 cm) . The heat in the upper part of the chamber is radiant, like in a classic oven, without air turbulence.

BBB™ Principle






The advantages of the new Mecatherm system are numerous :
Baking results are of exceptional quality due to the combination of radiant heat and controlled hot air convection, providing :
- Control of crust thickness.
- Production of par-baked products within very short par-baking times, retaining high residual humidity without risk of collapsing.
- Production of sandwich breads with a very thin crust on top while solid at the bottom.
- Bottom crust without marks.
- Products with a very open structure.
- Flexibility and rapidity of the reaction times when changing the baking parameters.