M-NS DIVIDER : Equipment for bakery

Dividers and moulders to bakery industrial
Dividers and moulders to bakery industrial

M-NS : Your solution for an authentic breads

BE Authentic

M-NS Divider brings french know-how through excellent dough work with no stretchand high tolerance, while ensuring high efficiency and controlled operating costs.
Connected to a moulder, the M-NS Divider offers the opportunity to work hydrated and fermented dough for the authentic moulded bread that the market wants.

  • Divide your dough without stretching

  • Guarantee the highest dough piece quality

  • Provide added value to your bread with reduced total cost of ownership


M-NS Divider ensures high quality product with no mechanical action on the dough to reach an authentic product with taste and shelf life fitting the market demand.
Indeed, the divider allows up to 80% hydration, long resting time and works without trim.


M-NS Divider measures your dough density which guarantees tight weight tolerances and reaches an ideal shaping of dough piece to feed MECATHERM bloc.


The M-NS Divider is built for an easy daily use, during production, maintenance and cleaning operations.

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