Compactness, Flexibility & Quality

The multi-deck FTM tunnel oven, fitted with the ingenious BBB™ system (BottomBakeBooster), allows baking with a differential heat exchange at the bottom and on top. Products' sole is baked by convection heat and their top and sides by radiation heat .

The oven bakes the products either directly on the baking belt or on a baking support, such as a tray.  This flexibility, combined with a highly efficient baking technology, offers the possibility to produce a wide range of crusty breads and soft products.

Main specifications:

Available in a 3- or a 4-deck version 
2.40 m (7.9 ft)
Lengths available:
From 5.56 m (46 ft) to 19.46 m (63.9 ft)
Baking surface:
From 44.8 m² (481.6 sq ft) to 149.2 m² (1,603.9 sq ft) on 3 levels
From 58.7 m² (631 sq ft) to 198 m² (2,128.5 sq ft) on 4 levels

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