Controlled baking, Flexibility, Efficiency

FTM oven is a 4 decks tunnel oven built with 2 to 7 independant modules, offering a baking surface from 59 to 200m².

Fitted with the BBB™ system (BottomBakeBooster), FTM oven ensures a controlled baking of crusty bread,  to meet any product requirements from parbaked to fully baked, fresh or frozen, baked direcly on hearth or on trays.

In addition to this, FTM has been designed to meet industrial needs for small footprint, energy efficiency, ease of use while keeping in mind the optimization of operating costs.

Main specifications:

Number of deck: 4
Width: 2.40 m (7.9 ft)
Lengths available:
From 5.56 m (46 ft) to 19.46 m (63.9 ft)
Baking surface:
From 58.7 m² (631 sq ft) to 198 m² (2,128.5 sq ft) 

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