MECATHERM's services

The profitability of your investment depends on your capacity to reach an optimal level of performance and then maintain that level over the years. Thanks to our extensive portfolio of services, we will assist you in maximizing performance from both your equipment and your production lines.

Are you satisfied with the way your equipment and production lines are operating? Our services include financing and engineering consulting, in addition to training that will enhance your project over time.

After-sales service - Our priority, your satisfaction:

From the time of contract signature through expiration of the installation warranty period, MECATHERM is by your side to ensure your complete control over the production line.

Looking for an efficient support function along with maximum availability once your project is up and running? MECATHERM accompanies you throughout and is always on hand with immediate and practical solutions:

  • Spare parts;
  • Maintenance;
  • Improvement features;
  • Technical support.

MECATHERM always remains by your side to guarantee your satisfaction.

Through its consulting services, MECATHERM assists you in building your plant. Our partner consultants can assist you in preparing technical files.

We can help you in setting up your financing project and, if necessary, we can take care of the process by solliciting our regular partners (e.g. BPI FRANCE, BERTHAULT ENGINEERING). Together, we’ll also examine the support programs introduced by governments and global organizations.


Training your line operators, maintenance technicians and bakers is a key stage in your project. At selected periods, our experts provide specific training sessions for your technical teams at our premises or on your site. Before and during start-up of your production lines and whenever needed, we accompany you and help you to integrate new hires.