MPM® - Mecatherm Project Management

A proven method to accompany you at each step of your project.

The configuration of a production line is specific to each project, product range, daily capacities, skill level of the workforce, production site layout, logistical constraints, ..... all of these elements are taken into account thanks to our personalized approach.

We’re on hand to
provide assistance from your product design stage.

Any project requires to first determine the range of products to be manufactured on the line.

MECATHERM adapts to all market specificities. Whatever your product may be, we’ll work with you to define the key technologies.


We introduce specific tools that allow you to foresee the realization of your project but also better know the markets, their needs and their actors, in order to make the essential decisions to your success.

Our solutions:

Demo center

Thanks to his Demo Center, you can test a recipe, product, equipment, industrial automated production line under actual operating conditions, running  from mixing to freezing, in ensuring the best result.

Getting acquainted

We'll introduce you to leading market actors, who'll be pleased to share their extensive experience with you. These personal visits are always occasions offering meaningful exchanges.

Access to the entire industrial baking ecosystem

MECATHERM works in close collaboration with ingredient specialists, manufacturers of product supports and consultants capable of providing you with a set of key information for the development your project.

Through to project completion, installation and launch...

For each project its own solution!

The great diversity of our customers in terms of both size and location has led us to developing our offer on projects of variable dimensions.

 MECATHERM can also assist you in the management of a turnkey project ...

A project-centered organization:

Design considerations

The tools at your disposal will allow you to visualize your project through 2D and 3D design drawings. We also provide all of the technical documentation needed to fully understand the technical specificities of each piece of equipment making up your production line.

Installation and system launch

Our technicians install the equipment or your line in your factory.
Under the Project Engineer's supervision, our baking experts are on hand for the start-up and on-site development of each new product range.

Our accompaniment services

We have adopted a project-based organization, allowing the customer to have a single contact person throughout the project duration; along with a dedicated team, this person will closely monitor all project phases.
He participates in the training of your teams, conducts exchanges with your technical partners and coordinates schedules until your project is up and running.

Close monitoring over time


From the contract signature to the expiration of the installations' warranty period, MECATHERM is by your side to ensure your complete control of your production line.

Looking for an efficient support function along with maximum availability once your project is up and running? MECATHERM accompanies you  and is always on hand with immediate and practical solutions.

An efficient support system in place once your project has been completed:

  • Spare parts
  • Maintenance
  • Improvement features
  • Technical support

The training of your machine operators, maintenance technicians and bakers constitutes a key stage in your project. Our experts host specific training sessions for your technical teams.

  • Financing
  • Baking
  • Engineering