US Cidrines Grand Opening

On June 10, 2022, MECATHERM’s team was extremely honored to participate in the Cidrines US grand opening. After several months of intense work in partnership with MECATHERM, US Cidrines successfully implemented an FTC automatic production line in their new manufacturing facility in Lakeland.

Cidrines is a Puerto Rican-based company founded in Arecibo in 1978 by two brothers, Manuel and Guillermo Cidre. In the USA, the company is managed by Maria Cidre.

The new manufacturing plant will enable Cidrines to deliver fresh, quality products to millions of families through their retail customers, which include Walmart, Winn Dixie, Kroger, Sedano’s Supermarkets, and approximately 4,000 other retail establishments in the United States.

We are so happy to see our beautiful pieces of bread come off of the line,” explains Mari Cidre, COO at US Cidrines.

When we contacted MECATHERM and asked them to help us implement our second-hand line, they were extremely responsive. The team started the project immediately and the organization and project follow-up has been excellent. Nothing would have been possible without this impressive team of experts,” she shares.

US Cidrines implemented an FTC line equipped with a make-up line that has a volumetric divider, an FTC oven, a TPF proofer, and a TRP cooler.

The main challenge with the rebuilding of a second-hand machine is that there are no updated plans available as the lines have been modified with the time. Our team completed a tremendous amount of work to find all the necessary information to finalize the project,” explains Loïc Lamboley, customer success manager at MECATHERM.

We dedicated close to 10 people to this project. The key has been to put the right people on it at the right time. This is how we’ve succeeded in finalizing the line in only four months,” added Simon Burgard, expert technician at MECATHERM.

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