Who are we?

"More than 50 years of meetings, projects, in more than 70 countries; this is MECATHERM’s story since its creation in 1964 by René VOEGLTIN. All of these years have permitted us to acquire an exceptional knowledge, and to create close relationships with entrepreneurs in the entire world; We thank them whole heartedly, they’re the ones giving MECATHERM formidable assets to tackle the future. Strong of its 900 installations in the entire world, of a company’s spirit which has adapted to a changing world, we are approaching this new half century with an ambitious vision :” be the referent supplier for the world industrial bakery.”

Our staff put the “savoir-faire” at the heart of the company’s values : it is essential in such an execution details demanding trade . But it is nothing without this “team spirit”, which permitted MECATHERM to take up all challenges we didn’t think were possible. 

I welcome all entrepreneurs, all new talents, in joining us to share our enthusiasm and continue to contribute to the world’s industrial bakery history."  Olivier SERGENT, MECATHERM President 

Our expertise


  • Outstanding knowledge of the end product
  • Quality criteria
  • Mastery of recipes
  • Process definition
  • Control of industrial issues


  • Complete design and project management
  • Project execution
  • Project installation
  • Project start-up

Equipment supplier

Equipment supplier
  • Advisory services regarding standard industry equipment
  • Optimization of your existing production lines with efficient and innovative machinery


  • After-sales service: targeted solutions for your line to ensure optimal performance throughout your line's life cycle
  • Our Services solutions also accompany you in the areas of financing, training, regular upgrades, etc.

Our objectives

Be the reference solutions provider for the global industrial bakery.

Simplify our customers' life.

Team spirit

Our successes rely on a team effort. We share information, ideas and questions in order to advance together and work at optimal efficiency. We take action and meet challenges with enthusiasm and passion.


Our day-to-day behavior and actions both respect and illustrate our values.

Respect for commitments

We go to great lengths to uphold our commitments, which are never taken lightly, and moreover share the progress achieved.


On the basis of our experience and accomplishments, we stimulate curiosity and creativity. Each team member is eager to propose innovative solutions for potential implementation within a well-supervised framework.


Each is committed to developing individual and collective know-how.