JOIN US! 5 major suppliers of the sector from ingredients preparation to freezing,are pleased to invite you to their 1st joint Pâtisserie Seminar that will take place:

At MECATHERM Headquarters’ Barembach, France

On April 17 and 18 2019 

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AfricaAsia / PacificMiddle-EastEurope / RussiaLatin AmericaNorth America : MECATHERM INCORPORATED

projects installed
throughout the world

Africa :

755th installed project

Baguette production line

Line capacity: 8 000 items/hr

790th installed project

Bread ball production line

Line capacity: 6 000 items/hr


784th installed project

Installation of 4 production lines : 2 baguettes lines, 1 white breads line and 1 buns line.

Line capacity: up to 9 000 baguettes/hr

1st financing undertaken by BPI in Africa.


Asia / Pacific :

794ème projet installé

Ligne de production de Biscottes

Capacité de la ligne: 915kg/heure


783th installed project

Banana Bread production line
Line capacity: 6 000 items/hr

732ndinstalled project

Rusk production line

1st product to indicate MECATHERM on its packaging

730th installed project

Rusk cracker production line

Middle-East :

781st installed project

Production line for baguettes and baguette-related products

Line capacity:

Half-baguettes: 15,000 items/hr

Baguettes: 5,000 items/hr

Small rolls: 40,000 items/hr

Europe / Russia :

766th installed project

Kaiser rolls production line

Line capacity: 36,000 items/hr

788th installed project

Baguette production line

Line capacity: 3 200 items/hr

767th installed project

Europe’s 1st production line specialized in pastel de nata, a Portuguese egg tart.

Line capacity: 18,000 items/hr

735th installed project

“We met  MECATHERM company on several occasions during trade shows. I really appreciated the way they communicated about their trade. We made a choice that we never once regretted afterwards, and now we’re extremely satisfied. I'm real proud of our collaboration with MECATHERM… We’re fortunate to have found such a high-quality partner." Vladilen FUFAROV, Managing Director - CMAK.


Latin America :

777th installed project

White bread production line

Line capacity: 3,600 loaves/hr



751th installed project

Bagels production line

Line capacity: 57 600 items/hr

789th installed project

"We started this project to improve our process and enhance our quality. The MVS proofer helped us become more efficient and also increase our throughput. MECATHERM proposed the best solution..."

Buns production line

Line capacity: 26 000 items/hr


764th installed project

Pastry production line

Line capacity:

Croissants: 13,500 items/hr

Breakfast buns: 15,000 items/hr

Chocolate croissants: 15,000 items/hr

752nd installed project

“Initiation of the MECATHERM project was streamlined thanks to the perfect coordination of our team and MECATHERM’s… they were heavily involved in all of our production line launch stages and remained very attentive to our needs…” Dave LAMOTHE, Vice President of Operations – PREMIERE MOISSON.