MPM - Mecatherm Project Management

A proven method to support industrials all along the project lifecycle

MECATHERM's MPM method carry out all the projects, even the most complex, all over the world and with a simplicity of implementation. Thanks to a dedicated organization and a range of tools and services available, the MPM proven method optimizes each stage of the industrial life cycle from pre-project to exploitation:


Drawing and precision of the contours and objectives of the project:

  • Definition of the requirements: product, process and technical solutions
  • Implantation of the line: 2D and 3D plans
  • Access to the entire industrial bakery ecosystem: linking with our partners major players in the market
  • Demo Center: a dedicated space of over 3000m² for product development and recipe testing
  • Virtualized production lines: help understanding the project and projection in a production line

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Project implementation :

  • Single project manager
  • Supply chain process
  • Design and pre-assembly of equipment
  • Support until start-up by our expert bakers-pastry chefs
  • Personalized training of the teams
  • Digital Solutions: Workflow Simulation and Digital Twin

Learn more about the Turnkey Plant


Accompaniment and follow-up once the line is running:

  • Return on investment
  • Optimization of downtimes
  • Quality of production
  • After-sales service: technical support, spare parts, retrofits and training
  • Complementary services: financing and advice


A wide range of training offered and adapted to your needs

  • Professional learning

  • Support from our experts

  • Various themes offered


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