Demo Center: A real center dedicated to demonstrations

Thanks to the Demo Center, you can test in real conditions a recipe, a product, an equipment, an industrial automated production line, in all process phases from kneading to freezing, until achieving the best result.

We carry out 90% of tests using our customers’ ingredients to guarantee them production conditions similar to their environment.
A laboratory is at their disposal to allow photography, analyze and evaluate the products made.

Over 3,000
square meters of
floor area

Over 20
different machines for
you to choose from

Over 100
clients from across the world
welcomed each year

The Demo Center includes all essential activities to accompanying you throughout your project.


This is the perfect occasion for professionals to learn more about the trends and innovations shaping the industrial baking sector. Theoretical information is then put into practice during demonstrations at our Demo Center.
In partnership with leading industrial bakers from the world over, MECATHERM invites you to discover its next seminar.

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Since working in the field of industrial baking requires professional training regardless of the position held, MECATHERM invites you into its Demo Center to learn more about its processes, equipment and production lines as a means of acquiring all the skills necessary for the success of your project.


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