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Our market leadership is the result of the expertise and know-how of more than 400 employees. The business opportunities within our company are as wide as the bakery products that we can produce on our production lines: itinerant technician, product manager, account manager, project manager, ...

Our international business and the possibilities of evolution will offer you many opportunities to meet new challenges and to enjoy a unique personal enrichment.  

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The company's "BEEP" project:

The project tagged "BEEP" (French acronym for Well-Being, Efficience and Performance) is intended to develop managerial practices that emphasize teamwork as the centerpiece of our success.

Implementation of this BEEP project within the MECATHERM culture relies on rallying all employees around:

  • The Company's Vision,
  • Its Mission,
  • Its Values

In order to generate a high level of Well-being, Efficiency and Performance, we recognize each staff member’s effort, accomplishment and progress. We are constantly looking to develop skills and performance through autonomy and a high knowledge of technical content.