IBA International Innovation Award for the new M-TA oven

At the 5th edition of the IBA Award, held at the IBA 2018 trade fair and organised by the trade magazine Backtechnik Europe, MECATHERM received the Innovation Award for its new M-TA oven. The event was also the first time the line manufacturer unveiled the winning oven to its customers. The prizewinners were announced live at the trade fair during a ceremony.

The IBA Award recognises highly innovative technical solutions and highlights excellence within the industrial bakery sector. The jury first visited the stands of candidates displaying their new products at the IBA trade fair and those experts from the sector awarded the prize to the M-TA oven from MECATHERM.

The M-TA oven is a unique tunnel oven lauded for its flexibility, precision and efficiency. The highly innovative feature in this oven can partly be found in its remarkable modular nature, thanks to compact heating modules that work completely independently, and partly in its ability to combine radiant heat and convection, based on six variants, for optimal management of a large baking curve. This system, with a unique patented moveable base, doubles energy transfer methods at the bottom and top, in each area of the oven, offering a tailored baking curve to produce unique and distinctive products.

The new oven, facilitates a diverse range of bakery products and is ideal for all breads, sweet goods, and snacking products’ baking requirements. The oven’s huge flexibility means it can bake an entire range of products using just one equipment, without compromise on quality, allowing rapid evolution of the product range depending on market expectations.

"As a French company, and the only French prizewinner among the competing candidates, we are extremely honoured and proud to have received this award. It is an acknowledgement of our expertise and our ability to innovate by our peers on the international scene. We work to innovate every day to make the lives of our industrial customers easier and help them develop their production according to market demand. It was precisely with this in mind that we developed the M-TA oven which, I am convinced, will provide our customers with the agility they require.", said MECATHERM President Olivier SERGENT, upon receiving the award.

During the last 50 years, MECATHERM has been recognized for its savoir-faire in the crusty bread production domain but also for its industrial ovens’ performances. With the launch of this new oven, recognised by the IBA Award 2018, MECATHERM once again displays its expertise and its ability to develop unwaveringly innovative solutions.

Discover the new M-TA Oven here.