MECATHERM and Puratos took a joint seminar in Los Angeles on Artisan Style Bread

On February 20th, MECATHERM joined Puratos USA for their Artisan Style bread seminar in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

23 participants joined this 1 day event that and discovered how to produce Authentic bread : thanks to Puratos, focusing on the ingredients, recipes and trends, and MECATHERM, focusing on the production line and equipments part.


  • Artisan Style Bread – Authentic bread line Part 1: The partners focused on premiumization, starting with the crucial steps of the Artisan Style Bread production and their impact on the product : dough recipe, division and shaping. MECATHERM highlighted its new M-NS divider, that meets the premiumization need of the industrialists.
  • Premiumization of Breads : Puratos presented the evolution of the bread market to meet consumer’s demand and how the industry is Re-Imagining what Artisan and Every Day breads mean to consumers.
  • Artisan Style Bread – Authentic Bread Line Part 2 : MECATHERM and Puratos presented both ingredients and equipments solutions to provide taste, texture, shape and shelf life that characterizes an authentic bread. The important steps of fermentation and baking on hearth were presented. MECATHERM focused on specific solution for baking on hearth as the FTM oven, and the new M-TA oven that provides flexibility to produce a diversity of premium products.
  • Global Trends in Artisan Style Breads : Puratos ended the presentations inspiring the participants with innovative concepts and ideas from around the world!

The participants could then experience during lunch, a complex range of flavours, through innovative bread concepts and sandwiches.

Are you interested to join our next seminars ?

Puratos and MECATHERM next premium bread seminars in the US :

  • July 28th in Pennsauken, NJ
  • December, Chicago, IL

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