M-TA Oven : A unique oven for a changing world

 Flexible, precise and efficient all wrapped into the same equipment

M-TA Oven provides unequalled flexibility to meet the demand for current and future product diversity, while entirely integrating industrial needs of product quality, profitability and ease of use.

  • Manufacture more and more product references and preserve productivity at the same time
  • Offer value-added product with perfect baking homogeneity and reduced product loss
  • Optimize your time to market

FLEXIBLE: Full agility

The M-TA oven is composed of compact and independant modules of 25m² maximum. In each module, the heat transmission can be selected between radiant heat, convection heat or a combination of choice.
This allows to build tailor made baking curves for infinite range of products:

  • Bake all flour based products
  • Bake on all supports (trays, tins, idented trays...) or directly on hearth

PRECISE: Fast and self adjustment to product load

Thanks to extreme responsiveness, the oven reacts quickly to load variation, maintaining perfect quality all along the production:

  • Minimum 30 levels precise modulating bruner
  • Very rapid air renewal in baking chamber (every second)

Homogeneous baking results

The M-TA oven has been designed to ensure an excellent baking homogeneity even for delicate products (high sugar content, thin...).

EFFICIENT: High performance HMI

The M-TA oven allows rapid and easy production changes from a simple recipe selection on screen.
The “M-TA Smart-Adjust” provides automatic optimization of oven parameters and energy control:

  • Automatic setting of recipe parameters
  • Rapid temperature rise and decrease
  • Automatic balance between inlet and outlet flows

Smart design

The M-TA design offers many advantageous features:

  • Easy access to the baking chamber and components
  • Toolless removable panels
  • Safety guard rails all around oven top
  • Confined oven inlet and outlet reducing energy loss