Making 4.0 opportunities a reality

New 4.0 service tools to make customers’ life simpler during all stages of their industrial projects.

From the start of your project

From the very beginning, when the production line is still a concept, 4.0 solutions help to define and figure it out. 3D plans and virtualization of the production line as well as simulation tools will help gain understanding and global vision of the project. These tools will also help to optimize the project in order to meet expectations.

During start up

The simulation tool assist finding the best production schedule for the product line. Virtual projections allow operators trainings and reduce onsite tests thanks to virtual projections. Production startup is faster and reliable to make it more efficient.

All along your production cycle

Through connected service we can help to determine and assess potential issues, identify alerts in order to better monitor the production line, optimize maintenance and ensure lowest
operating costs. MECATHERM is moving toward digitalization, giving customers a competitive edge by increasing flexibility, efficiency and improving quality. Interested in more? Our specialists will be happy to assist you.


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