Our customers testify: DANVO

With around 5000kh dough/hour, this MECATHERM line produces baked and unbaked products. Raph VAN IERSEL, Managing Director of DANVO BAKERIES shared us his experience on the installation of the line:

"Danvo Bakeries is a bakery specialized in frozen dough and frozen bake-off products.

Established in 1992, it was moved to its current production plant in 2010. In 2014, I wrote a new business plan for the upcoming years, including a new production line specialized in frozen bread, but also for unbaked bread products such as raw but proofed dough pieces.

That’s why I got in contact with MECATHERM: to build a production line for both specialties. MECATHERM was flexible, did think along with us and looked at our issues in an easy but effective way. The line was realized in 2015. We have invested around 15 million euros for this new line.

The production line has a capacity of around 5000 kg dough/hour to produce baked and unbaked products.

We are very happy with the cooperation with MECATHERM!"