Adressing the baking industry challenges

The baking industry has a lot on its plate in 2022” said Robb MacKie, American Bakers Association (ABA)’s President and CEO. End 2021, he clearly emphasized five strategies that are imperatives in 2022 to address the current baking industry challenges. Among these challenges, two in particular caught the attention of Olivier SERGENT, MECATHERM’s President, a reference equipment supplier in the sector: supply chain tension and labor shortages. For him, the solution mainly lies in the creation of a more intimate relationship between industrial bakers and their suppliers and the extension of skills sharing. To support this proximity and enable anticipation, it becomes essential for industrial bakers to equip themselves with appropriate digital tools as well as to keep a “real” geographical proximity with their suppliers. This new way of working would allow to increase the value of the employees' work in the field, thus contributing to further adapting workforce strategies for the future.