To support our customers throughout their projects, the MECATHERM Academy provides a team of trainers made up of technical experts and bakers.

Let's meet Eric PETITDEMANGE, Documentation Manager and technical trainer at the MECATHERM Academy and Simon HEYBERGER, Demo Center Manager who share their vision of training and the importance of interaction in the sessions they lead.

In your opinion, how does the MECATHERM Academy benefit to customers?

“The MECATHERM Academy brings together expert trainers from both the bakery and the technical professions, thus offering high quality training content. The possibility of combining practice and theory during our training courses is a major asset. » explains Eric.

“The MECATHERM Academy is not just a term for a training center. It represents a commitment of all trainers whose concern is customer experience. I am convinced that the transmission of our know-how as bakers helps our customers to better understand their equipment. » says Simon.

What make training successful according to you?

« Too often, training is equated with learning. At the MECATHERM Academy, it is not a lecture where the trainee must retain a series of information without interaction. It is just the opposite. »

« Every trainee is unique. Everyone learns differently. It is our job to make every effort ensuring that each trainee participates, interacts, and that the acquisition of knowledge is effective. Thus, regardless of the learning channel, each trainee has a unique experience. » explains Eric.

What advice would you give to future participants?

« Be an actor and not just a spectator. This is what our trainees often say and this is what I enjoy voicing out during the practical sessions. « My advice is to live the experience at 100% to get the most out of it. » commented Simon.

« At the MECATHERM Academy, we strongly encourage interactions throughout the training. Our customers particularly appreciate the chance of acquiring answers through discussions with bakers, technicians and other participants. So I recommend all our customers to come and experience it. »

The themes of the proposed sessions are varied: products, processes, equipment, production lines. Sessions dedicated to discovering the world of industrial baking are also offered.

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