Industrial patisserie: would perfection hide in baking?

« Produce your perfect patisserie product; be more flexible ; maintain your regularity »: Mecatherm experts reveal, in the whitepaper «Overcome challenges of industrial patisserie » the 3 commandments of baking industrial patisserie products.

With a market share of 22% by value and 6% by volume of the european bakery-pastry-patisserie market*. Patisserie products have added value.

In this context, the challenge of patisserie manufacturers is to guarantee to the consumer a unique tasting experience while guaranteeing their own industrial performance. This is played out through each stage of the production process, consisting of the selection of ingredients to packaging, including the stages of mixing and dosing, baking, cooling and freezing, not to mention the customization stages.

The baking step is crucial because of its impact on the taste, visual appearance and texture of the product, which make it unique and differentiating. “During the complex stage of baking, a series of concomitant physical and chemical transformations take place: expansion of the product, evaporation of water, formation of an alveolar structure and a crust, coloring.” explains Marie Laisne, Marketing manager and Oven Product Manager, Mecatherm.

*Euromonitor – 2019

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