MECATHERM unveils the new M-VT Oven

More than ever, food manufacturers are facing multiple challenges. They must be able to adapt to market demands to offer varied products of consistent quality, while maintaining their industrial performance in a context of energy crisis, labor shortage and lack of visibility on inflation. They must also take into consideration the growing issues of environmental and societal responsibility. MECATHERM puts all its expertise into developing new equipment so that its customers can meet these complex challenges. It is based on this roadmap that MECATHERM developed its new M-VT vertical oven.

MECATHERM has been designing and commercializing ovens for almost 60 years. The quality of its ovens has made the reputation of the company which today has more than 900 production lines and more than one thousand vertical oven modules installed throughout the world. Always attentive to the needs of its customers, MECATHERM commissioned its research and development teams to design the M-VT, a new vertical oven capable of producing a wide variety of quality products at controlled costs, all with a sustainable approach.

The new M-VT vertical oven. Specially designed for baking a wide range of products, it offers high product quality ranging from crusty bread to patisserie, pastries and other soft products. Extremely compact, this new oven brings together a series of innovations that will support sustainable development, particularly in favor of the energy transition. Integrating connected solutions, the new M-VT vertical oven guarantees high industrial performance and facilitates its operation.

To learn more about the new M-VT Oven, download the Press Release: