iba 2023: the new M-VT oven won the iba award in the Ovens category

After the unveil of the new M-VT oven on the first day of show at iba 2023 in Munich, the jury of the iba award decided to award MECATHERM for this new oven in the oven category!

The jury was particularly impressed by its innovative vertical handling system that enables a smooth transfer with no shock, no friction, which can be used with any type of supports and which opens a wide area of product possibilities.

  • Extremely compact, the new M-VT vertical oven is suitable for a wide range of products, offering high product quality, ranging from crusty bread to patisserie, pastries and other soft products.
  • It stands out thanks to its design, which has been designed to reduce energy consumption. This includes innovative solutions such as the new Hygro Control System and the Energy recovery system which optimizes energy efficiency.
  • Integrating connected solutions, it also guarantees high industrial performance and streamlines operations.

To find out more about the M-VT and / or carry out baking tests on your products :