M-UB Proofer : Handling for industrial bakery

Handling for bakery industrial
Handling for bakery industrial

M-UB : The New handling reference

M-UB Handling System provides unequaled flexibility to meet the demand for current and future product diversity, while entirely integrating industrial needs of products quality, profitability and ease of use.

  • Produce more and more SKU’s while preserving both productivity and quality.

  • Perfect and smooth handling of supports in all stages of the process ensure products consistency

  • Optimize your time to market


The M-UB handling system guarantees a homogeneous treatment of the products regardless of the type of support used through any process stage.


The M-UB handling system is designed to match the customer’s specifications, regardless of the process stage, type of support, or building constraints.


The M-UB handling system is built for an easy daily use, meeting the customer’s expectation and reducing operating costs.