Clean Label Products

As one of the world leaders in automatic industrial bakery and patisserie production lines, MECATHERM focus on new technologies to develop free-from ingredients products.

Clean label is a current concern for food actors: consumers ask for more “naturals” products. They expect more transparency from industrials to be able to control their alimentation by themselves.

Industrial bakers have understood this very well: number of products with “natural” claims have increased and represented 34% of NPD (New Product Development) launched last year in Europe.

In parallel, consumers can now rate products through specific application revealing them the ingredients list including additives, colorants and preservatives.

The food market evolves with this new trends and new recipes come up. Mecatherm commits to follow the same trends in equipment and line conception for its clients: a real challenge with numerous parameters to consider. 

Indeed, additives purpose until now were essentials to homogenize the quality of raw materials (especially flour), facilitate the work of dough, improve the volume of products, smooth small defects quality, get the desired texture, extend the shelf life, ...

Then how to remove those additives and make my product “clean”?

Mecatherm’s technologies for Free- from ingredients products

To go further than ingredients adjustments, equipment also offer solutions:

  • New type of divider as the M-NS divider has the advantage of not stressing or deteriorating the dough compared to volumetric dividers: it is not uncommon to add reducing agents to reduce the toughness of dough when divided volumetrically.
  • Thanks to great flexibility,new ovens as the M-TAmakes it possible to create tailor-made cooking curves with great precision and obtain the required product quality. By adapting the settings, you can without using controversial ingredients, get the shape you want. For example: a flat cake, a cake with a large dome or a balance between the two.

Mecatherm as an actor of industrial bakery understand the needs of its customers: indeed, the next seminar organized next January will focus on Clean Label. A way to push forward this concern and suggest answers elements to go towards a “clean” production.