The importance of the African continent to Industrial Baking activities


You have developed a specific offer for the African market. How did that come about?

- In Africa, much of the population consumes baguette-type crusty bread, But the market’s production is still heavily artisan-based. African countries which have historical links with France, Portugal or Spain like eating crusty bread. It’s almost a custom in these French and Portuguese-speaking countries.

This consumption is particularly high in towns. It is less so in the countryside as baguettes don’t keep! But African towns are developing very quickly and they lack artisan bakers. Today, there is a quantity and quality deficit for the bread sold, which may be filled by industrial installations. At the same time, we are seeing major food safety concerns in the development of industrial baking in Africa, to which factories like ours can provide a response.

What type of solution can be adapted to this special type of market?

- The turnkey factory is the best compromise. With a medium capacity line, the factory can produce 4 000 baguettes per hour integrating the process equipment.

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