Crusty Bread Seminar with Puratos on MECATHERM site

This December 5 was the opportunity to collaborate with our ingredient partner Puratos and our customers during a Crusty Bread Seminar organized at MECATHERM headquarters in Barembach. Close to 30 industrial actors of the European Bakery market joined the event. A moment of exchanges about trends in Bakery and new solutions launched by Puratos and MECATHERM this year.

The seminar focused on three types of baguettes and their production for a best result with Puratos ingredients combined to MECATHERM lines:

  • The« Commodity + » baguette

commodity + baguette

Using the technology of an hybrid divider such as theM-NS Divider innovation, a commodity baguette can gain in quality and become Commodity +. This technology allows you more personnalization of the product, improve freshness and availability of your product in order to make it more “premium”.

  • The « Authentic » baguette

The authentic baguette

This product is characterized by a premium, rustic aspect and taste. These characteristics are guaranteed by the association of the dividing technology of the M-NS Divider with a baking on hearth on a FTM Oven.

  • The « Premium authentic » baguette

The premium authentic baguette

Divided on a M-NS Divider and baked on hearth on a FTM Oven, the process is similar to the Authentic Baguette. The the Premium Authentic Baguette particularity is a long dough fermentation. The smooth handling of the dough during this process, guaranteed by the innovative technology of the M-UB Handling System, helps getting the best results of the product. 

As MECATHERM focused on the equipments solutions for each product presented, Puratos speakers presented ingredients solutions.

Both partners joined live demos to their presentations, using MECATHERM Demo Center. A great opportunity for the participants: « The DEMO CENTER visit was the occasion for us to make those talks concrete » :  demonstrations of dividing and baking solutions allowed the attendees to turn theory into reality. To go further, MECATHERM also shown their virtual reality program for the 4.0 solutions. 

Crusty bread Seminar - visitors looking at the M-NS

During the event, the participants also had the occasion to discover Strasbourg decorated for Christmas with the visit of two artisanal bakeries that generously welcomed us : thank you to Woerlé and Au pain de mon Grand-Père. A discovery of their Alsacien’s success story through their bakehouse and a taste of the traditional baguette, or more local products as the Bretzel and the Kougelhopf.

MECATHERM Strasbourg bakery

Customers gave us some feedback:

  • « A great opportunity to discover much more about the 3 MECATHERM innovations » (Paul Anton Meitinger, Edna)
  • « The detailed presentations allowed me to have a better understanding of the lines technical functionalities» (Paul Dick, Poulaillon)
  • « I was not here for a special purpose. But my curiosity finally opened my mind for new projects. » (François Girard, Delifrance)

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