Customer Experience: The Testimony of the M-LIVE REMOTE DEMO Adventure

A few months ago, we announced the launch of the new M-Live remote demo service. For our remote customers, this service offers the possibility to collaborate with our team of experts and conduct product testings using MECATHERM equipment. It’s as if our customers were visiting our Demo Center in Barembach in person.

The first M-Live remote session was carried out in early 2022 at the request of one of our toast bread producer customers.

A session rich in exchanges

Our team of bakers and sales experts at MECATHERM got together to organize this first session, which connected employees from several customer sites. The quality of the shots featuring the equipment combined with the close-up angles that highlight technical details and products made this session very interactive. We received so many questions from the customer, it was as if he was there at the Demo Center with us.

During these sessions, the objective is to be as interactive as possible to ensure we respond well to customer requests, however specific they may be. Our teams are responsible for making this M-Live remote demo experience rich, so it lives up to their expectations,” explains Marc Daniel, Sales Director at MECATHERM.

The product is in the spotlight, even from a distance

As for an on-site demonstration, the recipe was carried out according to the customer's instructions. Some of the sandwich loaves were baked the day before the demonstration to provide the rest time  necessary for the finished product to perform at an optimal analysis during the demonstration. At the end of this two-hour-long session, the customer shared his satisfaction with the quality of video and sound, as well as the investment of the teams of bakery and sales experts.

This M-Live session allowed the customer to test his products, become familiar with the equipment, and move forward with his project while involving all of his employees at the same time.


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