IBIE 2022: MECATHERM launches M-Care, its predictive maintenance solution

  • An effective solution to prevent machine failures and avoid costly breakdowns
  • An effective solution to optimize availability rate of installations and performance of production lines
  • An intuitive application facilitating the work of operators and maintenance teams
  • The MECATHERM M-Care digital solution has qualified for “2022 IBIE BEST in Baking Program” in the Plant Efficiency category.

IBIE, Las Vegas, September 18 2022 – At IBIE 2022 in Las Vegas (September 18 to 21) MECATHERM, one of the world leaders in the design of automated production lines for industrial bakeries, presents M-Care. This new intuitive predictive maintenance application is specifically designed for industrial bakeries using MECATHERM equipment. M-Care makes it possible to promptly detect anomalies on equipment and to guide operators and maintenance teams on the first level checks to be carried out. The aim is to prevent breakdowns and optimize the availability rate of production line equipment. Visitors to the show will be able to attend demonstrations of the M-Care solution at the MECATHERM booth, West Hall – Booth 2131.

Today, bakery manufacturers cannot afford to have equipment out of operation compromising their industrial performance. The availability rate and the resulting performance of the production line depends on correct maintenance of equipment. However, the sector is currently facing a labor shortage - in the United States alone, 12,000 positions are unfilled - and it is difficult for manufacturers to have specialized technicians on site for each machine.

Faced with supply chain tension and the shortage of labor, we are convinced that the solution lies in the sharing of skills and the fostering of a closer relationship between industrial baking companies and their suppliers,” Franck Ellenbogen, Sales Director of the North America zone at MECATHERM, explains.

Predictive maintenance, the objective of which is to guide operators, detect anomalies, and intervene early before an immobilizing breakdown occurs, appears to be a solution for the future that many players in the sector are looking into. However, the few predictive maintenance offers on the market do not all provide the same level of assistance. Most are limited to sending alerts that are difficult for teams on site to interpret.

M-Care, a predictive maintenance application unique to the market  

With its M-Care solution, MECATHERM is launching the most sophisticated predictive maintenance service on the market. MECATHERM has been working on its offering for more than two years. Keen to offer a particularly effective and complete predictive maintenance solution, the supplier of industrial bakery production lines relied on the know-how of MaMaTa* for the development of the breakdown detection algorithm and of the application itself. MaMaTa is a company specializing in the development of digital services for the industrial Bakery sector.

Thanks to sensors installed on the equipment, the M-Care application makes it possible to monitor the working order of the machines and to send alerts to the operators when detecting drifts that could lead to breakdowns. The application also helps guide them in solving the problem, first with simple checks and then with the intervention of technical support from MECATHERM, when necessary. M-Care analyzes the data collected and translates it into easy-to-understand information. With M-Care, any operator can intervene quickly and effectively by following the step-by-step instructions communicated by the system. The application is available on computer, tablet, or smartphone.

For example, in an industrial oven, poor lubrication of conveyor chains can lead to high repair costs and a significant loss of production. Detecting this type of anomaly, invisible to the naked eye, means industrial bakers can anticipate and carry out effective preventive maintenance operations. Our M-Care predictive maintenance solution enables early detection of the 25 most critical failures on ovens alone. Soon, 100% of our equipment and complete lines will be able to benefit from this service, providing high value-added for our customers. It gives them peace of mind and allows them to significantly improve the availability rate of their equipment,” Loïc Lamboley, Customer Success Manager for the North America zone, at MECATHERM, reinforces.

M-Care - three innovative features to understand the equipment, anticipate breakdowns, and resolve anomalies

M-Care has three easy-to-use tools:

  • TUTO, to understand the equipment and self-train. The application provides operators with simple educational, step-by-step tutorials explaining the operation of its MECATHERM equipment, including automated sequences. This means that M-Care gives operators a better understanding of how their machines operate so that they, along with maintenance teams, can become more autonomous.
  • PREDICT, to anticipate breakdowns. Alert tickets are sent when a significant equipment anomaly is identified, informing the operator and other designated staff of the problem and its likely causes. These alerts are based on data that is interpreted, analyzed and processed by algorithms. They are then transmitted to the user.
  • FIX, to identify and solve problems. The M-Care application facilitates first level interventions. When the operator opens an alert ticket, they have direct access to the set of documentation required to help them diagnose the problem and support them in resolving it. In case of problems, the application sets up direct contact with MECATHERM technical support.

All new MECATHERM ovens are "M-Care Ready" and equipped with sensors to allow feedback of information. Ultimately, this predictive maintenance solution should equip 100% of MECATHERM equipment and complete production lines. The M-Care solution is also available as a retrofit for MECATHERM customers who wish to benefit from this service.

Many customers are already equipped with M-Care in Europe and Africa and is beginning its deployment in North America.

The MECATHERM M-Care digital solution has qualified for “2022 IBIE BEST in Baking Program” in the Plant Efficiency category.

"For more than two years, companies have been restricted in the way they can visit customers, so we thought we should accelerate the development and implementation of digital tools. These allow us, despite the distance, to share our knowledge of our equipment to detect their possible anomalies. This avoids breakdowns and allows for better planning of corrective actions, without the urgency and the stress. Today, we are delighted to be able to offer our M-Care solution to our customers.

Digital tools are not there to compensate for geographical distance; at MECATHERM, geographical proximity to our customers is a priority. On the contrary, they mean we can make more intelligent and optimized use of this proximity, to which MECATHERM is committed" Olivier Sergent. President of MECATHERM, concludes.

*MaMaTa : Make Machines Talk