Stand at the SIRHA 2019 Show in Lyon

The SIRHA show is the key event for the hotel and catering industry in France. From 26th to 30th January, MECATHERM is exhibiting its innovative industrial baking equipment solutions which provide a response to the market's major trends.

The teams represented by Philippe MASSON and Cédric IZARD will welcome you from 26th to 30th January in hall 4 which is dedicated to baking and pastry making. 

Très innovant sur les produits finis, le salon SIRHA donne le ton à la tendance mondiale sur les produits finis en boulangerie et pâtisserie : on y trouve beaucoup de produits bios, sans gluten et vegans. L’occasion pour MECATHERM d’exposer ses innovations en équipements industriels qui répondent aux tendances du marché :

The SIRHA show is highly innovative when it comes to finished products and sets the tone for world trends in finished baking and pastry making products: a whole host of organic, gluten-free and vegan products are finished. It provides MECATHERM with the opportunity to highlight its industrial equipment innovations which meet market trends:

  • Premiumisation is made possible by the new M-NS divider which provides the possibility of working on a hydrated and pointed dough to obtain the authentic bread demanded by the market
  • Flexibility has not been left behind with the new M-TA oven which adapts to current and future product diversity, manufacturing more and more references with productivity always in mind
  • •    The turnkey "The Baguette Factory" offers a 100% automated production line adapted to the African market which integrates project design up to start-up of the production line

It also provides the opportunity to talk to our partners who are attending the show, such as VMI, who supply mixers and beaters for industrial and artisan baking and pastry making, SASA which supplies baking supports for bakeries and pastries or SOREMA, which produces industrial water coolers.

We would like to give you a guest pass: please ask for it.