FTC : convection oven for industrial bakery

convection oven for bakery industrial
convection oven for bakery industrial
convection oven for bakery

Compactness, Productivity & Simplicity

The FTC oven is a vertical oven for baking by convection of products deposited on supports of 600 mm x 800 mm. It can be equipped with a BBB pre-heating module installed in front of the first oven cell. This module serves to intensify the hearth baking effect for products deposited on flat unperforated trays. 

Each oven cell is an independent component. This oven therefore easily adapts to a wide range of hourly outputs, processes or baking times.

Its compactness, high production capacity and simplicity of use make the FTC oven the perfect solution for the baking on supports of crusty bread, danish pastries as well as some dry bread products.

Main specifications:

Number of trays per cell:

  • 28 trays with a step of 150 mm/cell 
  • 22 trays with a step of 180 mm/cell

Total height:

  • 4.10 m

Total length:

  • 2 oven cells: 3.70 m
  • Additional cell +2.3 m