M-DAN Oven

Hygiene and food safety as a priority

The M-DAN Oven offers the flexibility and precision to meet the demand for product diversity: savory, vegetables, delicate patisserie products. Its heating efficiency optimizes the baking time of each product for a high production rate and reduced product loss. Fully accessible and easy to clean with high water, this Oven simplifies the life of the operator reducing the risks of hygiene and safety. Smart designed, powerful, it quickly reacts to load variations and ensures increased production continuity.

This Oven is fitted with a precise baking curve and heat transfer to achieve the expected product baking results. Thanks to its modular construction, its compact and independant heating areas <25 m², it is possible to adjust temperature ranges up to 400°C.

3 combinations of heat transfer modes are available:

  • Top radiant heat, bottom convection
  • Top convection, top radiant heat
  • Top convection, top radiant heat, bottom convection


Usable baking width:

From 1.3 m (4,3 ft) to 4m (13,1 ft)

Usable baking length:

From 4.4 m (14,4 ft) to 57.2 m (187,7 ft)

Useful passage product height with different type of belt:

  • 194 mm (7,6 in) with stainless steel wirebelt
  • 175mm (6,9 in) with stainless steel grid sole
  • 210 mm (8,3 in) with chains and carrier