Toast breadis the one of the most consumed types of bread worldwide. The market demand is constantly increasing, with different expectations and tastes according to the world's regions. MECATOAST Line has been designed to give toast bread producers a state-of-the-art industrial solution, adapted to their needs in terms of product range,automation level and capacity.

Mecatoast is a reliable and proven solution, serving:

  • Product Quality: Homogeneous baking of the product, diversity of product range and hygiene management 
  • Industrial Performance: Compact layout, reliability, optimized changeovers 
  • Sustainability: Optimal energy consumption

Mecatoast production line is composed of 3 main steps:

  • Proofing in the MVS, precise and adaptable 
  • Efficient convection baking in the FDA "Toast bread edition" oven
  • Powerful cooling in the MDC cooler, also acting as buffer 

The line can include, in its fully automated version: personnalization, lidding and unlidding, products depanning and storage of the different supports. 

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The convection technology of the FDA"Toast Bread Edition" Oven Le système de chauffe par convection du four FDA « Toast Bread Edition » ensures an even baking of the product, including its sides. This way, the product's shape is preserved and the collapse and corsetage risks are limited.

This efficient baking mode also allows a reduced gap between the pans, for an optimal throughput of the line on an optimized footprint.



450g in dough products
2 000kg of dough / hour
4 500 toast breads / hour

500g in dough products
3 000kg of dough / hour
6 000 toast breads / hour


FOR 4 500 products/hour
1 050 SQM 
66 M x 16 M

For 6 000 products/hour
1 280 SQM 
80 M x 16 M

Digital solutions

M-PLAN : decision-support software to play out different production scenarios, to get the best availability rate and the lowest changeover times


Complete video presentation of the line