In collaboration with major French players in the industrial bakery industry, MEDEF International confederation* has developed a 3D application called "Virtual Modern Bakery". This tool offers a fun immersive experience allowing users to discover the latest equipment and services from a network of French providers. As a French industrialist, MECATHERM is proud to have participated in this project on the "baking and ovens" part.



How was this application born?

The current context has led the actors of the industrial bakery to explore new perspectives to maintain contact with their customers and prospects.

With the collaboration of 12 major French players** in the industrial bakery industry, MEDEF International confederation has initiated the creation of a digital tool to serve customers in France and internationally. The "Virtual Modern Bakery" offers a global approach and personalized support.

Promote exchanges and gain access to a global offer

In addition to the traditional support, this application is a great tool for industrial bakery stakeholders to gain access to global equipment and services offered by companies in the bakery sector that are members of the Agricultural and Food center of MEDEF International confederation, of which MECATHERM is a part of.

The user of the application has access, from a 360 ° virtual tour, to a complete and total accessible production line through smartphones, tablets or computers. Getting a clear and global vision of what the "factory of the future" could be hard to reproduce in a single place.

A real fun and multilingual customer experience to live online, if you’re expecting to accomplish a new project, to venture yourself in the automation of a line or if you plan to diversify the production of an existing line with attentive service providers.

What are the highlighted solutions?

On the international scene, this application puts forward the industrial bakery trades and promotes the semi-industrial and industrial solutions. In addition, it registers each step of the process: Storage – Dosing of ingredients – Kneading system - Baking and oven – Packaging – design office.

Through this application, MECATHERM brings its expertise on the automated lines part, with the highlighting of its make-up lines and ovens equipment.

*1st private French network for the promotion of French companies in emerging and developing markets. MEDEF confederation has a dual mission of influence and business development, and conducts 200 actions a year, in France and abroad, to facilitate exchanges, federate and enhance the solutions of French companies.

**participants of the Virtual Modern Bakery project: BFR Systems, Bongard, CFIA, Clauger, Eurogerm, Hopi Consulting, JAC, Panem International, Shick Esteve (Rians), Sorema, VMI Mixers.