The Authentik Baguette developed by MECATHERM is an alternative to the classic baguette and the "artisan" type baguette. " Consumers are looking for ever-higher quality and more natural recipes. It’s a very marked trend of the market", states François Retailleau, product manager for lines solutions at MECATHERM. Indeed, it is clear that there is a demand for a product that meets the requirements of both consumers (quality, durability, affordable price) and distributors (ease of use, durability, controlled and consistent quality).  It is to satisfy this expectation that MECATHERM has developed the industrial process which gave birth to the Authentik Baguette: a simple and natural recipe, for a qualitative product close to the work done by a baker.

“The manufacturing of the Authentik Baguette presents real industrial and technical challenges. The major challenge is to divide and mold a hydrated and pointed dough while providing technical solutions that are compatible with the requirements of industrialists” specifies Christophe Mey, baker and demonstration manager at MECATHERM. Indeed, MECATHERM has always conceived its developments by taking into account the installations already in place for its customers. This is why the improvements have been designed to be easily integrated into production lines that are already operational. All of MECATHERM's know-how has been called upon to develop this innovative solution to serve product quality and industrial performance, the two key criteria of a manufacturer who wants to last.

Four key steps requiring special care

Among all the steps in the manufacturing process of the Authentik Baguette, four of them require special attention and solutions adapted to the challenges of this product:

  1. Kneading
  2. Dividing
  3. Molding
  4. Baking

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