On the 18th of November, Mecatherm and Puratos, the international group specialized in ingredients for bakery, patisserie and chocolate, jointly organized a live stream event webinar. Our 8 expert speakers have gathered their knowledge to offer customers a high-level webinar about cake texture and to adjust baking parameters to get the expected quality.

Attendees enjoyed a lively and interactive session. A tasting box, including a panda cake and a “passion goes nuts” castella cake, were shipped to them prior the event for a unique webinar experience.


To answer the question “How to innovate with cake texture?”, 4 main parts have been developed:

Consumer Insights to develop patisserie products

Through the results of the “Taste Tomorrow” consumers survey, Puratos dove deeply into the megatrend related to “taste”, discovering that next to taste, texture becomes a key element as well.

Cake texture collection

Knowing this, Puratos has built the “Cake texture collection”: 8 unique and differentiating textures coming from all over the world, from US and Central America to Europe and Asia.

How baking parameters impact the patisserie products quality

After a presentation of the main challenges of patisserie production line through Mecapatisserie, the experts focused on baking: a key step of the process to obtain the expected product quality.

Mecatherm experts explained the impacts of baking parameters on the products, to achieve the requested quality.

Inspirational examples

In order to illustrate and analyze cake texture, the attendees received before the webinar, 2 products baked specifically for the event.
To get the perfect product, Mecatherm experts have analyzed the impacts of different heat transfer modes on the M-TA oven.

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