IBA 2018 have been a key event for MECATHERM in 2018. We launched our 3 major innovations: the new M-TA oven, the new M-NS divider, the new M-UB handling system. Our M-TA have been awarded by an IBA Award, from state of the art bakery experts Backtechnik Europe.M-NS : Votre solution pour une baguette authentique


M-NS : Your solution for an authentic baguette

BE Authentic

M-NS Divider brings french know-how through excellent dough work with no stretchand high tolerance, while ensuring high efficiency and controlled operating costs.
Connected to a moulder, the M-NS Divider offers the opportunity to work hydrated and fermented dough for the authentic moulded bread that the market wants.

  • Divide your dough without stretching
  • Guarantee the highest dough piece quality
  • Provide added value to your bread with reduced total cost of ownership


M-NS Divider ensures high quality product with no mechanical action on the dough to reach an authentic product with taste and shelf life fitting the market demand.
Indeed, the divider allows up to 80% hydration, long resting time and works without trim.


M-NS Divider measures your dough density which guarantees tight weight tolerances and reaches an ideal shaping of dough piece to feed MECATHERM bloc.


The M-NS Divider is built for an easy daily use, during production, maintenance and cleaning operations.

M-UB : The New handling reference

M-UB Handling System provides unequaled flexibility to meet the demand for current and future product diversity, while entirely integrating industrial needs of products quality, profitability and ease of use.

  • Produce more and more SKU’s while preserving both productivity and quality.
  • Perfect and smooth handling of supports in all stages of the process ensure products consistency
  • Optimize your time to market


The M-UB handling system guarantees a homogeneous treatment of the products regardless of the type of support used through any process stage.


The M-UB handling system is designed to match the customer’s specifications, regardless of the process stage, type of support, or building constraints.


The M-UB handling system is built for an easy daily use, meeting the customer’s expectation and reducing operating costs.

Visit us at IBA 2018, both B2-150 to know more about this new equipment !

M-TA Oven : A unique oven for a changing world

 Flexibleprecise and efficient all wrapped into the same equipment.

M-TA Oven provides unequalled flexibility to meet the demand for current and future product diversity, while entirely integrating industrial needs of product quality, profitability and ease of use.

  • Manufacture more and more product references and preserve productivity at the same time
  • Offer value-added product with perfect baking homogeneity and reduced product loss
  • Optimize your time to market

FLEXIBLE: Full agility

The M-TA oven is composed of compact and independant modules of 25m² maximum. In each module, the heat transmission can be selected between radiant heat, convection heat or a combination of choice.
This allows to build tailor made baking curves for infinite range of products:

  • Bake all flour based products
  • Bake on all supports (trays, tins, idented trays...) or directly on hearth

PRECISE: Fast and self adjustment to product load

Thanks to extreme responsiveness, the oven reacts quickly to load variation, maintaining perfect quality all along the production:

  • Minimum 30 levels precise modulating bruner
  • Very rapid air renewal in baking chamber (every second)

Homogeneous baking results

The M-TA oven has been designed to ensure an excellent baking homogeneity even for delicate products (high sugar content, thin...).

EFFICIENT: High performance HMI

The M-TA oven allows rapid and easy production changes from a simple recipe selection on screen.
The “M-TA Smart-Adjust” provides automatic optimization of oven parameters and energy control:

  • Automatic setting of recipe parameters
  • Rapid temperature rise and decrease
  • Automatic balance between inlet and outlet flows

Smart design

The M-TA design offers many advantageous features:

  • Easy access to the baking chamber and components
  • Toolless removable panels
  • Safety guard rails all around oven top
  • Confined oven inlet and outlet reducing energy loss

Thank to the visitors for having experienced IBA with us!