MECATHERM launches its new visual brand identity

For over 50 years, MECATHERM has been offering solutions for industrial bakeries, and innovation has always been a key to its successful development. In 2018, MECATHERM will launch new innovations that will respond to market trends by seeking out higher quality bread, expanding into emerging countries and introducing enhanced flexibility.

All these innovations will wear MECATHERM’s new visual identity, closer to its clients, consistent with our company’s vision: to be the leading solutions provider for industrial bakeries worldwide. This new design, filled with emotion and passion, allows MECATHERM’s history to coexist with the modernity of a new visual identity.

The “M” of MECATHERM sits above the rest of the brand name becoming a powerful symbol, with greater freedom and impact, thus marking the dawn of a new era. Our new red and blue colors symbolize our origins and the best of French engineering, for devising state-of-the-art baking and cooling solutions. By the end of the year, the new logo and identity will be gradually inserted on all MECATHERM communication media.

“This new visual identity reflects the transformation work carried out over the past 3 years on the product offering proposed to our customers as well as the company’s deep-seated changes. Thanks to our committed and dedicated teams, the trust of our customers and our shareholders’ loyalty, we’re confident in the company’s capacity to pursue its development course and create long-term value for all its stakeholders."
Olivier Sergent, President of MECATHERM