Our customers testify: SMAK

With around 20 000 products per hour, this MECATHERM line was originally created to produce french buns by the Russian industrial bakery SMAK. With a footprint of 850m2, the line manage the product from the depositing, to the proofing in the MVS, the water scoring, through baking in the FDA oven to the vacuum, the needle depanning and the spiral cooling.

 Vladilen FUFAROV, CEO of SMAK shared us his experience on the installation of the line:

"We are traveling a lot in Europe and we are watching different products. Ones we tried french buns in France and we really liked it. We felt that there is no such product in Russia.

Since we planned to produce a French product, the best equipment supplier, of course, should be a French company. I saw MECATHERM line in Poland before and I liked it.

We met with MECATHERM company several times at an exhibition. I liked the way of communication with their specialists – Cyril Munsch and Andrei Bezdiga. I was satisfied with received explanations, and we made a choice, which we did not regret later and were happy about.

When we built this line, it was a big achievement for us, which immediately brought out plant to a new level.

Now when we show our factory, we always start or finish with the demonstration of this line, and, of course, it makes a big impression on everyone.

It is this line which makes the company's image now. Everything was done professionally during the installation process as well as during design phase and we could feel the collaborative relationship. All points, even problems, have been solved fast.

I am happy about the cooperation with MECATHERM. Weareluckytofindsuch a Partner."

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