Patisserie Seminar : the meeting of the manufacturers of the sector

The very first Patisserie Seminar, organized by 5 main actors of the production, has been hold on April 17th and 18th at MECATHERM’s headquarters in Barembach, Alsace. Pastry production process challenges, shelf life management or global pastry trends were the main topics we dealt with during these 2 days, perfectly illustrated with live demonstrations with our products.

Close to 30 industrial patisserie makers from all over the world came to the event to learn more about the solutions for patisserie production, innovation and trends of the sector. French companies were present as well as South Africa, Liban or Japan.

Two main topics have been covered during the seminar :

  • Production of long shelf life, packaged patisserie
  • Production of frozen patisserie

Each step of the production have been explained :

About Packaging, BFR also gave a speech.

The attendees have been able to talk with many experts from each of the organizing companies, and also attend live product demonstrations in MECATHERM Demo Center: long shelf life muffins and twinkies, frozen brownies, lava cakes and macarons.

A « Marketplace » area also enabled attendees to learn more about the international trends with presentation of packaged long shelf life and frozen products.

Besides presentations and live products demos, the guests also had an immersion in Alsace through typical meal and a visit of Obernai old city.

Ask the planning for the next Seminars.

MECATHERM Solutions in Pâtisserie :

MECATHERM designed a production line dedicated to patisserie, meeting the needs of the manufacturers about flexibility of products and processes, high quality standards of the final product, and efficiency. The main equipment of the production line, the M-TA oven is part of this production line, specially adapted with the high precision of baking curves, ensuring a high quality of the product.

Learn more about our solutions 

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