With around 3,600 loaves/hr, this MECATHERM line produces white bread, whole wheat and baguettes for Suriname industrial bakery market. With a footprint of 1 800 m2, the line manages the product from the dividing and moulding to the proofing in the MVS, through baking in the FDA oven to the vacuum depanning.

After the inauguration of the new line in 2018, Fernandes Bakery Director Kurt Van Essen testify about its MECATHERM production line:

“Two years ago, we started the selection of our new production line. We ended up with MECATHERM because they offer flexible ovens and line to make dough bread and hot dog buns.”

The Operation Manager Wolfgang Nuyken add:

"Around 4 months before we installed our new MECATHERM line consisting of MVS proofer, COMBI bloc and double action FDA oven plus the necessary conveying system. I want to say thank you to MECATHERM for the great installation that run really smooth and for the startup of the line. Technical and technology problems have been solved in a good cooperation and we are producing now good quality on the lines.”