Clean label trend on Premium Products

Global sales of clean label products are increasing: they should will jump from $165 billion in 2015 to $180 billion in 2020 (Source: Euromonitor).

The concept of clean label has been used by the food industry for many years, but clean-related terms have now emerged as part of consumers vocabulary as a new way to say "healthy". There is no official definition or regulation of this term. 

In general, clean eating refers to eating whole, natural, unprocessed foods, and avoiding artificial ingredients and highly processed foods. Many labels exist for « Natural claim » : No additives, wholegrain, organic, GMO Free,...

It can mean different things to different people. However, a few standard guidelines are:

  • Ingredients frequently found in your kitchen cupboard
  • Ingredients that are "all natural" and contain no chemicals, no artificial preservatives, color agents, or flavor agents
  • Minimally-processed ingredients
  • Ingredients that are easy to understand

As an equipment and production lines solutions provider for bakery, pastry and patisserie, MECATHERM works on this challenge which is becoming more and more important fo the manufacturer of the sector in order to provide the most adapted answers.

Produce an optimal quality product in termes of aspect, taste, texture and shelflife can be done thanks to :

We develop our knowledge together with actors of the sector like the french ingerdients solutions Eurogerm.

In January 2020, we organized together a seminar dedicated to Clean label trend of premium products. More than 50 attendees from our sector came to learn more about this trend and its solutions.

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