MECATHERM production lines for standard bread are 100% automated, from the volumetric divider to the freezer for trays.
These lines make it possible to produce par-baked deep frozen products.
These lines are entirely customizable in terms of processes (raw and pre-proofed frozen and baked fresh) and products (recipe, product personalization, etc.) to suit your needs.


  • High quality
  • Production efficiency
  • Ease of use

600 x 800 LINE

Capacity: Up to 820 kg of dough/h
Production/h: Up to 3,000 baguettes/h
Trays/h: Up to 375 trays/h
Trays sizes: 800 x 600 mm


Capacity: from 2,140 to 3,300 kg of dough/h
Production/h: Up to 10,000 baguettes/h
Trays/h: Up to 400 trays/h
Trays sizes: 2,000 x 800 mm

ā€œSā€ LINE

Capacity: Up to 1,500 kg of dough/h
Production/h: Up to 4,500 baguettes/h
Trays/h: Up to 320 trays/h
Trays sizes: 1,200 x 800 mm

Complete video presentation of the line
Standard bread line