ASK LOÏC: EPISODE #4: Tips and tricks for baking delicious muffins

In the fourth episode of our ASK LOÏC series dedicated to the essentials of pastry baking, Loïc reveals all the secrets of another famous pastry: the muffin.

Whether chocolate-flavored, with fruit, or in their original signature flavor, muffins are now available and enjoyed all over the world. Loïc LE DENMAT is our Expert Pastry Technologist. He introduces the many muffin variations that are popular today while revealing the finest details of this famous delicacy. Loïc explores how the choice of ingredients, baking mold, and different baking methods result in the perfect gourmet muffins produced on an industrial scale.

Bell-shaped, mushroom-shaped, or round, discover how to obtain the three most well-known muffin shapes while retaining the soft texture and moist crumb characteristics of this product. 

You must really pay attention to four key elements which will give the muffin its final shape: the leavening agents, the type of baking mold, the viscosity of the dough, and the baking method,” explains Loïc.

Our M-TA Oven is the ideal baking solution for muffins, thanks to its ability to adjust the hearth and vault settings independently and combine convection and radiant heat. The M-TA Oven lets you control the development of muffins during the baking process while adjusting your settings depending on the size of the baking mold and the ingredients used. As a result, our customers can combine unrivaled product quality with optimal industrial performance.