M-DAN Oven: A new hygienic design for even easier cleaning and optimal efficiency

Special attention is required to maintain high sanitary standards when baking delicate products. To address this need, MECATHERM upgraded its FDAN Oven and launched the new M-DAN Oven, an even easier-to-clean solution that meets the most demanding operational, hygiene, and food safety needs of the industry.

When baking salty products, dairy desserts, vegetables, or pastry products with liquid filling, there is a risk of splashes or food residues that can cause the oven to become clogged, leading to potential food contamination or fire hazards. Furthermore, meat products or recipes featuring egg or milk filling pose health risks that require strict and specific cleaning operations. As a result, the oven's design must be adapted to ensure that such risks are minimized.

MECATHERM has responded to this need by upgrading its M-DAN Oven with a new design that facilitates easy cleaning operations with plenty of water, both inside and outside the oven, resulting in simple and efficient operation. The oven's design features doors and ergonomic side access hatches on both sides and along its entire length, enabling frequent cleaning operations to be performed easily.

"In addition to meeting hygiene requirements, the M-DAN Oven guarantees optimal baking of a wide range of products while offering precision, flexibility, and industrial efficiency,” says Xavier GOTTI, Oven Product Manager at MECATHERM.

"The M-DAN Oven perfectly balances industrial performance with energy efficiency. Its design is intended to minimize energy consumption and, as a result, reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, the oven is available with various thermal generator solutions that utilize either fuel or electricity, depending on the specific needs of our clients,” adds Xavier.