Press Article : « Down to a fine art: authentic baguettes »

MECATHERM is constantly developing innovative solutions in order to help bread manufacturers to offer the products that best meet the needs of the market. Many innovations that enable the production of the Authentik Baguette have been introduced at IBA 2023. One of these latest developments, the new M-RT moulder, offers the possibility of working with particularly hydrated and rested doughs. Featuring adapted complementary equipment throughout the process, the M-RT moulder produces the best quality product, while guaranteeing easy maintenance, cleaning and operation.

In the Baking + Biscuit International article: " Down to a fine art: authentic baguettes ", MECATHERM experts revealed the secrets of baking the Authentik Baguette at industrial scale:

The M-NS divider combined with the new M-RT molder makes a tandem specially adapted to hydrated doughs: “They both keep the dough pieces in constant motion,during the process - unlike sheeting technology – to preserve the softness of the surface of the dough pieces. The M-RT molder requires very little additional flour and contributes to preserving the dough’s quality, ensuring the thin crust and well-developed aromas of the final baguettes or bread rolls,” Salvi explains.

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