ASK LOÏC : EPISODE #5: Immerse yourself in the delicious world of pies and tarts

In the fifth episode of ASK LOÏC, our series dedicated to the essentials of pastry making, indulge in the most irresistible pastry: pies.

Pies never stop reinventing themselves and evolving around the world. Guided by our Expert Pastry Technologist at MECATHERM, Loïc LE DENMAT, this episode explores the various techniques and industrial processes necessary to produce pies.

Regardless of local specialties and variations, to create a pie, you need to prepare two thinngs: the crust and the filling. However, the varieties are endless: savory, sweet, closed, open, small, large, and numerous combinations for the filling. On an industrial scale, attention should be paid to the supports used during baking. Molds play an important role in holding the pie during its transport throughout the various stages of creation. It is therefore necessary to ensure their cleanliness since they are often an integral part of the final packaging.

Then comes the key step of baking, which brings the textures to life.

"It's about revealing the crispiness of the crust and refining the final coloration, while preserving the filling," says Loïc. It is therefore essential to equip yourself with a reliable, precise, and high-performing industrial oven.

On an industrial scale, the challenge is to respond with agility to market demands that require a variety of sizes and shapes, while also adapting to fruit seasonality. Our M-TA Oven is particularly suitable to create this type of pastry and provides the required reliability, baking precision, and flexibility to overcome this challenge.