Energy efficiency: Discover the benefits of Vertical Ovens!

Energy transition is a key issue for all players in the bakery-pastry sector. At MECATHERM, we are committed to offering our customers concrete solutions to help them achieve their ambitious sustainability goals. For example, we are dedicated to accelerating our sustinability efforts by supplying equipment that promotes energy efficiency.

In this article, discover the benefits of Vertical Ovens, an interesting oven design that can reduce your carbon footprint.  Vertical Ovens use technology to optimize energy consumption and are capable of producing a multitude of quality products at controlled costs.

Energy-efficient ovens

Vertical Ovens are extremely compact and designed for optimum energy consumption with very little energy loss through the oven walls, conveyor, and fumes. They use convection as their heating mode, enabling you to bake at low temperatures and optimize your baking time while benefiting from even heat transfer around the product

Our expert opinion

"The reduction in energy consumption can be explained by several factors. Vertical Ovens are compact ovens with an optimized external surface and efficient thermal insulation. These ovens use convection as their heating mode, which makes it possible to bake at low temperatures, thereby reducing baking time and limiting heat loss to the outside environment."  explains Hicham MAIDEN, Thermal Project Manager at MECATHERM. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

Compatible with an electrical source, Vertical Ovens enable you to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting energy consumption.


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